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What is Factoring Financial Credit?

     Factoring Financial Credit is a revolving credit that supports the liquidity of a business 
    enterprise by providing a credit term for Account Receivables for a maximum of 120 days.  
    After delivery and invoicing of products or services, based on the relevant business    
    documents, such as Delivery Notes, Invoices, Tax Invoices, etc., the business enterprise
    enables the transfer of the right to receive payment to Accretive (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and
    the enterprise may obtain not more than 70-80% of the Account Receivable value in advance
    and the residual is paid after receiving payment from the Account Receivables. 

Merits of Factoring Financial Credit


Increase cash flow liquidity  
  Reduce the burden of Collateral
  Increase capacity for business competition
  Increase the bargaining power to purchase or receive a trade discount
  Reduce the burden of Cash Collection and Debt Management
  Deduct the total amount of Interest as a business expense of a company

Service Process of Factoring Financial Credit

        Product or service deliveries   
  Product inspection and place billing
Submission of invoice in order to
       transfer the right for cash receipt
Transfer of advance payment and   
    transfer of any balance after payment
  Payment for a product or service


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